Outdoor Charcoal Woodfire Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Big Round Table Top Stovetop KY2526

Outdoor Charcoal Woodfire Wood Fired Pizza Oven with Big Round Table Top Stovetop KY2526

Wood fired and brick oven pizza are exactly what their names suggest. It's a type of pizza made in a brick oven. A brick pizza oven cooks pizza using burning wood rather than electricity or gas. Brick ovens can reach higher temperatures than most home ovens, allowing pizzas to cook differently than they would in a conventional oven.

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Description Img of Custom Built Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Wood fired or brick oven pizza is exactly what its names imply. It's a type of pizza that's cooked in a brick oven. Instead of being heated by electricity or gas, a brick pizza oven employs burning wood to cook pizza. Compared to most home ovens, brick ovens can reach higher temperatures, which allows the pizzas to cook differently than they would in a conventional oven.


The Advantage of Outdoor Charcoal Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Higher temperatures

Custom wood fired pizza ovens cook at higher temperatures than regular ovens, which is part of the reason that their pizzas are superior in flavour. This not only adds to a fantastic texture, but it also keeps your ingredients fresher and more nutrient-rich. Your fresh toppings like artichoke, capsicum, spinach, olives and chillies retain more of their nutrients and taste much fresher in a wood-fired pizza oven.

Entertaining space

Another huge advantage of custom wood fired pizza ovens? They create a centre for your guests to sit around and socialise. It also allows you, the chef, to socialise with your guests while cooking dinner right in front of their eyes. In other words, you’ll get to show off those amazing culinary skills of yours.

In winter, you’ll sit around the oven to appreciate the fire and keep warm. The licks and crackles of fire create a fantastic ambience while you enjoy wine and conversation, late into the night.

You choose the ingredients

Part of the reason why wood-fired pizza tastes better than any other kind of pizza due to your selection of toppings. You get to choose the quality ingredients when you make your own wood-fired pizzas. Your ingredients won’t be coming out of the freezer, as they do at all the big pizza chains – they’ll be coming from the farm to your table! This makes wood-fired pizza unbeatably fresh.

Specification Img of custom built wood fired pizza oven

    Model     KY2526
    Product Size     L64.5 x W50 x H156 cm, 0.8 mm Thk.
    Cooking Height     104 cm
    Fire Bowl     60 x 42 x 59.8 cm, Black High Temperature Painting.
    Bottom Plate Size     50.3 x 37.4 x 2 cm, Black High Temperature Painting.
    Cooking Grid     34.5 x 49 cm x 2 pcs, Chromed Steel.
    Charcoal Grid     38.4 x 41.5 x 6.5 cm, Galvanized Steel.
    Chimney     Dia.9.5 x 46.7 cm, Powder Coated.


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