Fire Pit

Fire Pit


Get down-to-earth comfort from a fire pit, making backyard and garden fire pits increasingly popular. Keyo offers oem garden fire pits. We provide a wide range of firepits, you can get oem fire pits here.

Check out more fire pits on this page, our Wood Burning Portable Fire Pit With BBQ Grill, let you enjoy a delicious barbecue while enjoying the comfort; Detachable Fire Pits to make your camping experience and outdoor life more convenient; Corten Steel Wood Burning Fire Pits Protected from rain and heat, the fire pit can be used for a long time.

When you try our fire pits, you will find that it not only provides you with a warm fire source in the cold winter, but also increases the value of your house. They are available in wood pallet and solid wood and are very easy to clean. Start grilling right away by the fire pit in your garden. 

For a more unique approach, try our range of Barrel Grills to spice up your outdoor fun. Let keyo provide you with four-season outdoor living space!

Multifunction Outdoor Charcoal Grill Portable Barbecues Fire Pits KY7542FB

A fire pit or outdoor fireplace is a great place for people to gather and chat, making it ideal for entertaining friends and family. Because it is a popular gathering spot, it encourages people to congregate in one location. This can mean less work for you when it comes to entertaining guests because instead of being indoors, everyone is outside. More importantly, it is suitable for grilling.

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Modern 2 In 1 Fire Pit And Grill Outdoor Garden Enamel Firepits KY5844N-A01

One of the best things about outdoor fire pits is that they can provide both warmth and light. Many fire pits and outdoor fire pit tables are intended to serve multiple functions. Fire pits can be designed to be the centerpiece of a dining table or coffee table, and some fire pits have built-in grilling surfaces that can be used as an additional outdoor cooking appliance.

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Garden Multifunction BBQ And Wood Storage Fire Pit In One KY22056

The patio fire pit wood burning fireplace not only provides heat to keep you warm on cold nights, but it also functions as a grill. Ideal for outdoor entertaining, bonfire pits, camping, and other activities.

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Indoor Outdoor Halogen Standing Infrared Patio Heater THL005

Electricity is converted into radiant heat by infrared heaters. Outdoor infrared heaters are designed to heat objects rather than air. The heat from the objects continues to radiate, making this type of heat especially valuable outside, where breezes can easily dissipate forms of heat that only warm the air. The advantages of an outdoor infrared heater include its efficient operation and ease of use. They provide a consistent and pleasant feeling of warmth, allowing patio use to be extended into the cooler months.

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Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit Firebowl KY55F

A practical fire pit to enjoy on the patio or in the backyard for many years. The distinctive design casts distinctive shadows at night and provides a healthy cross breeze to the wood-burning fire. Ships as a complete set with a lovely rustic fire pit, spark screen, lifting tool/fire poker, wood grate, and cooking grate! The ideal answer to an outdoor fire.

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2100W Waterproof Table Top Electric Patio Heater THL001-MI

An Electric Table Top Patio Heater is a small unit that is used to provide warmth in small spaces. If you want to eat outside during colder weather, placing a space heater on your table is an easy way to keep your dinner guests warm.

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Outdoor Magnesium Oxide Fire Pit KY18FP

This sturdy material, bowl-style fire pit with an included spark screen will instantly add charm and warmth to any outdoor space. This wood-burning fire pit has a sturdy construction and a high-temperature paint finish that can withstand the heat of the fire as well as harsh weather conditions for years of use.

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2 In 1 Magnesium Oxide Wood Burning Grey Mgo Brazier Fire Pit With Mesh KY7347FP

The 2 In 1 Magnesium Oxide Wood Burning Grey Mgo Brazier Fire Pit With Mesh will add style and warmth to your outdoor space. This round contemporary outdoor fire pit has a granite-look finish and will add warmth and ambiance to your backyard, patio, deck, porch, or any outdoor space. With the included cooking grate, this versatile wood burning fire pit can be used as both a bonfire and a grill.

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2 In 1 Mini Wood Burning BBQ Mgo Fire Pit Garden KY7070

The 2 In 1 Garden Mini Wood Burning Magnesium Oxide Bbq Mgo Fire Pit has a simple, attractive finish that will complement any outdoor living space décor. On a cool summer night or a crisp fall evening, unwind by the warmth of a welcoming fire. Set the tone for a relaxing outdoor experience by enjoying the warm glow on your patio.

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Wood Burning Portable Fire Pit With BBQ Grill KY4035FP

This portable fire pit and grill is easier to control and safer than traditional campfires or bonfires, and it has a sleek, modern design that will complement any outdoor space.

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