Raw Material Cutting

Witness the metamorphosis of raw materials into robust components. From the forging of durable steel to the careful selection of heat-resistant alloys, every element plays a crucial role in the grill's resilience and longevity.

CNC Laser Cutting

Enter the workshop, where skilled artisans sculpt the grill's frame with meticulous precision. Experience the marriage of technology and craftsmanship as lasers cut with surgical accuracy, giving birth to the skeletal structure of the grill.


The stamping process is a manufacturing technique used to shape and form metal sheets or strips into desired parts or components. It involves placing the sheet or strip between a die and a punch, and applying pressure to deform the material into the desired shape.


The next step is to bend each section of the grill into place, creating the outline of the grill shape. The bending process is where the grill starts to take shape. The metal is folded into a box-like shape and then welded together. This creates the frame of the grill, which will later support all of its components.

Robot Welding

Welding is a process that utilizes heat and fusion to connect metal parts, creating a unified piece. It is employed in the production of the grill body, which must possess sufficient strength and durability to withstand regular usage. The welds undergo quality inspection before advancing to the subsequent stage.

Surface Spraying

Surface finishing is a crucial process in the manufacturing of metal and plastic parts. It is utilized to achieve the desired surface quality, enhance the aesthetic appearance, and improve the functional properties of the product. KEYO BBQ has developed a rigorous procedure for surface finishing that guarantees quality, cost-effectiveness, and efficient resource utilization.