12 Inch Portable Gas Pizza Oven With Automatic rotationfunction

12 Inch Portable Gas Pizza Oven With Automatic rotationfunction

A delectable pizza is a universal crowd-pleaser, and creating one to perfection demands the right tools. Enter the gas pizza oven with an electric rotating stone – a game-changer for both amateur and professional home chefs. This innovative appliance combines the efficiency of gas heating with the consistency of an electric rotating stone, promising exceptional pizzas every time.

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The Power of a Gas Pizza Oven

Gas-powered ovens offer rapid heating and precise temperature control. This means that your oven can reach the high temperatures required for authentic pizza baking in a shorter time compared to traditional ovens. The even heat distribution guarantees uniform cooking and the coveted golden crust.

The Magic of an Electric Rotating Stone

The electric rotating stone is the secret behind achieving that irresistible crust texture and even cooking. Here's how it works:

Even Heat Distribution

The stone evenly distributes heat, emulating the effect of a brick oven. This ensures that the crust cooks uniformly, resulting in a crispy exterior and a chewy interior.

Crispy Crust Perfection

The stone's porous surface absorbs excess moisture from the dough, contributing to a crunchy crust that doesn't turn soggy.

Effortless Rotating Mechanism

The rotating mechanism ensures that your pizza receives uniform exposure to heat from all angles. This eliminates the need for manual turning, allowing you to multitask or simply relax while your pizza bakes.

Specification Img of Outdoor Portable Gas Pizza Oven

    Model     QL01-062
    Product Size      42*37*17cm 
    Metal Type     Stainless steel, iron plate
    Feature     Easily Cleaned, high temperature
    Application     Garden/Party/Outdoor
    Finishing     Matte process
    Function     beef and pizza oven
    Cooking Area     30.5*30.5 cm
    Heat Output     4.4KW
    Advantage      included one automatic rotating pizza stone 
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