2200W Freestanding BBQ Grills with High-Temperature Resistant Enamel Coating Cast Iron Griddle KY19018E

2200W Freestanding BBQ Grills with High-Temperature Resistant Enamel Coating Cast Iron Griddle KY19018E

The weather has no effect on the electric oven. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is not affected by weather or location. His main advantage is that he generates less lampblack. Electric ovens are built with oil leakage holes and oil receiving pans to ensure that there is no excess grease on the surface of the baking pan, which makes it difficult to produce soot.

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Description Img of Freestanding BBQ Grills

The electric oven is not limited by the weather. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is not limited by the weather and place. His greatest advantage is that he produces less lampblack. Electric ovens are basically designed with oil leakage holes and oil receiving pans, so there will be no excess grease on the surface of the baking pan, which is not easy to produce soot.

The Advantage of 2200W Freestanding BBQ Grills

Great benefit of using an outdoor electric grill is that it is secure and safer to use. Generally, it uses electricity, so there is no chance of any gas leakage and fumes coming from charcoal and wood. Besides, it does not produce flare-ups during grilling your meals. 

Thus, you can say that they have almost no fire as well as health hazards and are safer than the other grills. You can safely use them indoors too without any potential risk. 

They are also very easy to maintain because they do not involve propane or wood fuel that needs proper checks and balance. Moreover, it catches dripping in a removable tray and comes with removable cooking plates that are easy to clean which in turn reduces the need for maintenance.  

Electric outdoor grills are very compact and take less space in your house and provide you added convenience. Unlike other grills (charcoal and gas grills), they do not require a specific amount of space on your patio. Instead, they have a small footprint and fit anywhere you want. 

The Feature of 2200W Electric Bbq Outdoor Grill

Electric Grill Indoor BBQ - The indoor grills have a 2200W power with no grill lid design, allowing us to watch the cooking and turn over the food at any time, which offers you a real barbecue experience when you BBQ inside or outdoors. The 3U-shaped heating tube has a larger heating area so that the food is heated evenly and good to keep locked the moisture and nutrition of the food

Constant Temperature System - The thermostat can automatically keep the temperature constant so that the indoor grill temperature does not exceed 260 ℃ to protect the nutrition and taste of food. (Do not flush the thermostat with water.)

Safe and Healthy Cooking - This bbq grill uses heating pipes that have passed the explosion proof high temperature test and are combined with food grade grill nets and drip trays, so there are fewer oily smoke emissions during the cooking process.

Easy to Clean - The entire electric barbecue is detachable and each part can be easily assembled and disassembled, which is very convenient for cleaning up the remaining oil. Due to the recessed design of the grill body, can fill water in advance to prevent the grill from drying out and easy to wash (PLEASE ALWAYS ADD WATER and DO NOT OVER the top line on to avoid overheating or boiling, and it is normal that food itself produces water vapor during heating)

Specification Img of freestanding BBQ grills

 Electrical BBQ new collection--CE
Easily Assembled/Easily Cleaned
240V~50/60Hz 2200W 
Minimum fuse10 A
Product size50*80cm
Cooking area48*42cm
Cover materialsteel + black painting
Housing materialsteel+black painting
20GP297 pcs
40HQ732 pcs 
Recommended Package1pc/carton
Carton size60*47*30CM 
Selling Point2200W electric BBQ grill 
Production time60-90days
HS CODE8516609000
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