Outdoor Portable Wood Burning Fire Pit

Garden Patio Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit,Wholesale Portable Fire Pit Factory

Built with durable and strong construction, this fire pit is designed to withstand years of use with ease. Assembly is a breeze - simply connect the legs and attach them to the pit to create a warm and cozy atmosphere for making memories with friends and family that will last for years to come.

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22 Inch Foldable Portable Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit,OEM fire pit for sale

A wood-burning fire pit can be many different things. A practical definition is a strong container designed to hold a fire. It is, however, a family gathering place. The right wood burning fire pit can be a work of art, both in its design and in the way it frames the flames of a fire. A wood-burning fire pit provides heat and light, and it can even be used to cook.

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Corten Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit Fireplace - Outdoor 3 Leg Fire Pit Factory

Crafted from durable Corten Steel, our metal firepit is built to last. The fire bowl is generously sized to hold enough wood for a large fire, and is finished with a high temperature paint that provides both heat and rust resistance. This ensures that the firepit maintains its quality and functionality in all weather conditions, making it a reliable addition to your outdoor space.

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Black Crossweave Steel Wood Burning Fire Pit,2 In 1 Round Outdoor Fire Pit Factory

This outdoor, wood-burning fire pit design has plenty of room for the perfect size fire and is simple to maintain and clean. The overall diameter of the fire pit is 36" from rim to rim, with a large 31" diameter bowl that is 11" deep. It has a decorative cross-weave pattern on it. It comes with a cover and a fire pit tool. This is a wood-burning fire pit that, like all fire pits, should not be used on a deck unless a fire-proof pad is used.

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