Types of Barbecue Ovens

Types of Barbecue Ovens

2022-04-21 16:33:26

Because there is no need to make a fire, the household barbecue stove comes when it is powered on, which is very convenient. In addition to holding a barbecue banquet, it is often used in daily life and is also very convenient. Today, let's talk about the types of barbecue ovens.


barbecue oven


Charcoal type


A charcoal barbecue stove should be familiar to everyone. The taste is the most authentic and very good. It's just that the frequency of changing the baking tray and baking net is relatively high, and charcoal is more troublesome.


General charcoal barbecue stove needs to exhaust smoke, and of course, there is self-destructed opium. The general charcoal barbecue stove is divided into two kinds: upper exhaust and lower exhaust. The price of the upper exhaust gas is low, the price of the lower exhaust is relatively high, and the difference between the price is that the oven and the exhaust pipe are different.


Electrical type


The electric oven is to install a heating tube on both sides of the oven. The design of the electric oven can make the baking pan preheat evenly and slowly so that the roasted meat is not easy to paste. Smokeless electric ovens generally have smoke exhaust devices, but they look more high-grade. In addition, the replacement rate of the baking pan is greatly reduced, and it is also very convenient.


Infrared type


The infrared barbecue oven is composed of a toughened glass cover, a nonstick baking pan, a halogen lamp tube, an oil pan, and a one-time stamping shell. According to the principle of solar radiation, the plant fiber generates infrared (wavelength 2-4um) direct radiation after being electrified to heat the baking pan, which does not produce any combustion waste gas and carbon dust. At the same time, it does not heat the air and keeps the indoor air fresh. The biggest feature is to heat the baking pan evenly and roast the roast meat evenly from inside to outside, to reduce the oil smoke generated during barbecue.


Gas type


In daily life, a gas such as natural gas used at home is toxic, so you can't use an eyeful baking plate or baking net like a charcoal barbecue oven. In this way, it's better to fry meat than roast meat. However, most people don't pay attention to the method of eating barbecue, mainly the atmosphere and feeling, and many people don't like to use charcoal barbecue ovens.


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