How to Clean the Grill?

How to Clean the Grill?

2022-07-20 17:41:33

In the process of barbecue food, the barbecue rack is in contact with barbecue food, and there is a fire under it. Oil or carbon dirt is the main source of barbecue rack pollution.




Before barbecue food, the first step is to wipe the barbecue rack clean.


The second point is that after each kind of barbecue food is roasted, it should be cleaned once. After the oil and carbon dirt is completely removed, the next kind of food can be roasted.


The third point is to do a thorough cleaning after all the barbecue work that day to ensure the normal barbecue work the next day.


Fourth, when cleaning the barbecue grill, you can use degreasing detergent to spray directly at the parts to be cleaned, wait for a few minutes, and then use a wet cloth or paper towel to easily remove the oil stain. Or soak it with vinegar first, and then brush it with a steel wire brush. The more common method is to wipe it with a steel wire ball.


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