Barbecue Grill Maintenance Tips

Barbecue Grill Maintenance Tips

2022-08-18 18:04:45

Everyone will choose to buy a barbecue grill when going out to barbecue, but do you know how to maintain the barbecue grill?


barbecue grill


Clean up the residue of the barbecue grill


Whether it is a gas grill, a charcoal grill, or a smokeless electric grill, after each use and after the grill has cooled, be sure to clean up charcoal ash, oil stains, and food residues in time. Don't be too lazy to clean up or plan to wait for the next time. Cleaning it after use will only result in more trouble. These residues will also have side effects on the oven components and shorten the oven's service life.


Tips for quickly cleaning the grill


For charcoal grills, stainless steel or cast iron grills for gas grills, dry cooking is a good way to clean up: before or after each grill, empty the grill for about 10 minutes, and you will find that the impurities on the surface of the grill will be washed away. For carbonization, you only need to use the oven cleaning brush to brush the grilling net lightly. These carbides will fall off easily, and the cleaning work will be easier and more effective.


Check the igniter and gas hose


Check the igniter button: When you press the button, you should hear a "click" and sparks pop up. If not, you need to replace the battery and try again. If sparks still cannot appear normally to achieve ignition, there may be a problem with the igniter circuit. Check the air hose: every time you need to use clean water to check whether the lower joint and the air hose are leaking. Put the air hose in clean water. should abandon use and call the manufacturer.


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