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Portable Quartz Electric Space Heater 700W With Adjustable Thermostat THL-25-S

The coiled wire heating element in quartz infrared heaters is either contained within a quartz tube or wrapped around the outside of a quartz tube. Because quartz is essentially infrared transparent, all of the energy generated by the element is transmitted directly to the process through the quartz. The infrared energy emitted by these elements is typically of the medium to short wavelength range. Because the quartz does not absorb the produced energy, the vast majority of it is transferred to the product in the form of infrared energy rather than less efficient convection heating energy.

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2100W Umbrella Waterproof Freestanding Patio Heater THL004

The Umbrella Waterproof Freestanding Patio Heater heats up quickly, providing warmth and comfort right away. The built-in overheat protection will safely shut down the unit to prevent a fire.

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1200W Portable Quartz Radiant Electric Space Heater With Adjustable Thermostat THL-25-M

Infrared quartz heaters are a type of electric heater used to heat a room. Quartz infrared heaters emit infrared radiation that is invisible to the naked eye. Quartz infrared heaters are thought to be more efficient and safer.

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1500W Fast Heating Outdoor Radiant Infrared Patio Ceiling Heater THD007P

Electric patio heaters are 100% efficient at the point of use, which means that every watt of power drawn from the outlet is converted into usable heat. As a result, every penny you spend on outdoor heating is put to good use, with nothing going to waste.

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