Precautions for using an electric grill

Precautions for using an electric grill

2022-05-26 14:37:15

Electric grills are common kitchen utensils, and electric grills require the use of electricity and need to be used with caution. So what are the precautions to take when using an electric grill? Let's discuss that today.


electric grill


Precautions for using electric grill


  • In order to ensure the use of safety, the use of power must be grounded, separate use of 10A or more socket, do not use universal socket or use with other appliances at the same time.


  • When using, electric grill should be placed horizontally, the back of the side and the wall to have more than 10 cm distance.


  • It can not be placed on the electric grill on the gas stove, kerosene stove, can not be used in a high-risk environment.


  • Do not touch the grill panel directly with your hands when using, to avoid high temperature burns.


  • Do not use water to directly rinse the oven to avoid the risk of electric leakage.


  • If you do not use the electric grill for a long time, the power plug to unplug off, and pay attention to good dust care of the electric grill.


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