How Much Do You Know About Portable Grill?

How Much Do You Know About Portable Grill?

2021-08-24 12:01:45

The barbecue season is in full swing, and the demand for portable grills has also increased significantly. Many people wear women mesh sneakers and acetate polarized sunglasses oversize, going on a picnic on a 125cc Chinese motorcycle equipped with a Chongqing motorcycle gasket kit. Of course, some barbecue tools are also essential, such as belnding gloves, slate dining plates, and portable grill.


When it comes to portable grills, there are two main types on the market ---gas and charcoal. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages. This blog mainly introduces the portable charcoal grills to you.


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The history of grill


Grilling is a form of cooking in which dry heat is applied to food surfaces from below or above. It uses a lot of direct heat to cook food quickly. The temperature at which the meat is grilled often exceeds 500 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives it its distinctive aroma and flavor. The origins of barbecuing date back half a million years, when people were already adept at using fire. Until the 1940s, barbecues were limited to picnics and campgrounds. It caught on after World War II.


Advantages of charcoal grill


They are relatively affordable


The good news for charcoal lovers is that in most cases, charcoal grills will not go bankrupt. Yes, you can find super premium options that cost close to $1,000, but a small charcoal grill is only $20 or less. Larger models tend to fall into the very reasonable range of $100 to $150.


They come in various sizes


If you want a portable charcoal grill that can be camped or used on the backsplash, there are some ultra-small options that might be perfect for you. On the other hand, you can also find huge professional-grade models that you can use to smoke a few ribs. We are talking about the difference between 140 square inches and 700 square inches of cooking space. Before buying, please consider how you will use it to ensure that you have enough space to place everything you imagine.


The food they make tastes good


One of the biggest advantages of a charcoal grill is probably flavors, because most people will say that they prefer the food taste of a charcoal grill to a gas grill. This is partly because you can use this type of grill to better grill food and cook the most delicious but unique taste, which other grills cannot do.


Invest in some key additional features


Lighting a charcoal grill can be a bit tricky. There is a charcoal grill with a small propane panel at the bottom to help you ignite the coal, which may come in handy in those days when you don’t want to make dinner into a product and want to speed up the process.


Or you can get a charcoal chimney. It is not expensive (10 to 15 US dollars), and it is a fast, light, liquid-free way to heat your charcoal. You fill this hollow metal cylinder with charcoal, put it on the grill, and heat the charcoal with newspaper or a lighter. Then, transfer the hot coals to your grill and start cooking


How to make sure you are suitable for charcoal grill?


If you are a hands-on, curious chef and are interested in the whole process, then buy a charcoal grill. You might like to start a fire, place coals to generate the heat flow you need, and appreciate the nostalgic aspects of charcoal burning. That smell can definitely evoke people's carefree time outdoors.


If you mainly grill slow foods such as ribs, use a charcoal grill. Low-calorie and slow-speed foods that need to be heated on coal for hours will absorb the smoke and wood smell, which makes charcoal worthwhile.

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How to determine the efficiency of a charcoal grill?


The working principle of a charcoal grill is radiation. The embers of coal emit a lot of radiation, which is converted into heat when it comes into contact with the food to be cooked. The grill you are considering buying must have the following characteristics to ensure its efficient operation.


  • Controlled heating. This means controlling the temperature at which charcoal burns and the amount of heat reaching the food to be cooked. A good charcoal design will have a close-fitting lid to prevent heat from escaping, and a vent for continuous burning placed in the grill.


  • The height of the charcoal tray can be adjusted. Pushing this tray up or down will bring the embers closer to the cooking food or separate them, allowing you to control the direct heat transfer.


  • Accurate temperature readings. Make sure your charcoal grill has a digital device to provide you with accurate heat readings. It is important that you cook the grilled varieties at the right temperature to provide the right luxurious taste.


  • Spacious charcoal room. In addition to providing enough space for charcoal fuel and air circulation, the spacious room also allows you to move and wash the embers. This will control or focus the heating area as needed.


  • Charcoal adding mechanism. The charcoal grill should have a sliding or hinged opening so that you can easily add or remove charcoal. It should run smoothly, otherwise you may burn your hands while trying to open it. A good opening of the appropriate size and shape can also allow you to "shake" the ashes from the embers. As a good insulating agent, excessive ash will hinder the heating process.


  • Grating surface. A good gratecan both provide excellent heat radiation, and burn evenly on the surface of the food. Avoid using cast iron because it is difficult to maintain and does not hold meat and other foods properly.



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