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The correct bbq method and bbq techniques you need to know

The correct bbq method and bbq techniques you need to know

The correct bbq method and bbq techniques you need to know

Barbecued food is delicious, especially kebabs, grilled meats, grilled chicken legs and so on. Barbecue stalls on the streets in spring are often very popular. Bbq is roughly divided into the following steps:


1. Choose the right bbq party, fork, barbecue net, etc. The best wooden handle of the barbecue fork can avoid being burnt.

2. Choose a good bbq stove. The selected barbecue stove has a high temperature, and you should choose a stove with a higher price for grilling. Such a stove can be hot and has a long use time.

3. Pay attention to the cooking time when grilling. Bbq too early or late to spread the ingredients is not good, you should use the barbecue ginseng barbecue special material when the food is roasted to the seventh maturity. This material can be cooked, more delicious and more delicious.

4. Choose durable charcoal. Charcoal is generally used when grilling, especially in the wild, so you should use burn-resistant charcoal before grilling, and you need to prepare more.

5. When grilling, prepare the bottom fire first. That is, after the charcoal is burned, it is spread all over, and it is better not to smoke. The preparation work must be done well to ensure that the bbq goes on normally.

6. Master the heat when grilling. It is very important to master the heat when grilling. It can not only burn the meat, but also not just leave the flame, so that the meat will not be cooked. It is better to grill charcoal on the side of the stove for use, and grill the meat on the side where the charcoal is good. In this way, while preparing charcoal, you can bbq at the same time. If the fire is weak, you can add burned charcoal at any time.

7. Be optimistic about the color of the food and determine the time when the food is cooked. When the food, especially the meat, is cooked thoroughly, the surface is generally browned, and the food cannot be picked up and eaten. Duck ginseng grilled meat skewers sprinkled with special ingredients are slightly red.

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