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The Safety Matters of Using Outdoor Fire Pit

The Safety Matters of Using Outdoor Fire Pit

The Safety Matters of Using Outdoor Fire Pit

Nowadays, amenities such as vegetable gardens, outdoor kitchens, and outdoor fire pits are part of the home configuration.

No one wants your outdoor fire pit set to result in an insurance claim. Please take some time to learn the basics of fire safety and follow basic safety guidelines to prevent this.

Regular and safe use of the custom fire pit will become a memorable part of your leisure time at home and elsewhere.
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1. Picking the Right Spot for Your Best Fire Pit

It's important to make sure your modern fire pit is located in the right place from the start so that accidents are minimized. Take the time to make sure you choose the best location for your outdoor fire pit.

Fire pit sets should be placed on a level surface, away from trees, shrubs, and other materials that could ignite (whether it is an outdoor gas fire pit, wood-burning fire pit, round fire pit, or square fire pit, it is recommended to place it 20 to 25 feet or more away from houses, buildings, and other fuel sources).


2. Pay More Attention to Wind Conditions

Before you use a wood-burning fire pit, check the weather forecast for the day.
Do not use the outdoor wood-burning fire pit on windy days, as this could easily lead to a fire.

Also, advise guests to stay away from smoke before starting a fire. If you have a portable fire pit, consider moving it to a location with a natural windbreak.  

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3. Never Leave A Fire Unattended

Tiny flames may seem harmless, but they still pose a threat to your safety.
Do not leave a wood-burning fire pit unattended, even if all that remains of it is hot embers. If you must leave, put the fire out completely before leaving the scene.


4. Be extra Careful When Drinking at Wood-burning Fire Pits

We all know that alcohol is flammable and excessive drinking can reduce your coordination, judgment, and reflexes, which can lead to injury to anyone gathered around.

If you or your guests are going to be drinking around an open fire, then be sure to drink in moderation to prevent alcohol-induced accidents. Also, you should keep everyone at a safe distance from the flames.

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5. Ensure the Safety of Your Children

When children join you at a custom fire pit activity, make sure you don't let them wander around.
It is recommended to arrange for an adult to take charge and keep a close eye on them. Do not allow children to play with fire, lighters, or wood.
If you are still concerned about children getting too close to a fire, install a child safety fence or barrier around the cooking fire pit.


6. Other Things that Are Easily Overlooked

When using a garden fire pit, avoid wearing loose clothing and should not place clothing or other flammable materials near the equipment. Also, remember to keep your hair away from the flames.

Do not use porous rocks or wet stones in the fire pit. At high temperatures, pressure can build up inside the rock due to the expansion of water molecules, r causing the rock to explode.



While enjoying the fire pit to bring you a pleasant atmosphere, be sure to put safety first. Whether it's the tips mentioned above or the precautions not mentioned in this article, you need to pay attention to them all.

Choosing a quality fire pit is certainly important as well, and if you've been thinking about adding a small fire pit to your yard, whether it's a wood-burning fire pit or a portable gas fire pit, KEYO has the ideal option for you.

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