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Safety matters for pellet bbq grills

Safety matters for pellet bbq grills

Safety matters for pellet bbq grills

     Pellet bbq grills is currently the fastest growing in grill sales, no one! No one! No one! Important things are said three times.

     The pellet bbq grills are not only stable enough but also able to reach the required temperature accurately. It can use different types of wood pellets to add a variety of flavors to grilled food. Before using pellet bbq grills, you should know some basic operations and safety knowledge about pellet bbq grills, so whether you choose walnut, hickory, cherry, or any other fruit wood pellets, you also need to pay attention to the following points matter.

    1. Keep the wood pellets dry. If the wood pellets are disturbed by moisture, the igniter will not be able to ignite the pellets within the specified time. Even if the particles are ignited, the calorific value generated during combustion will be greatly reduced.

    2. Don't use pellet bbq grills (barbecue & smoke) in the rain. If the electronic devices in pellet bbq grills encounter water, this may ruin them. When the igniter, fan or motor gets wet by rain, it is very likely that a short circuit or rust may occur! So make sure to use pellet bbq grills in good weather.
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    3. During the use of pellet bbq grills, be sure to check regularly; make sure that the power cord and thermometer cord are not corroded by water or other liquids. And every time before using the grill, you need to check whether they are damaged or loose.

    4. Use pellet bbq grills in a ventilated environment and ensure that the chimney of the grill is unobstructed. (FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY)

    5. Before pellet bbq grills are powered on or off, the control knob of the feeder should be kept in the off state. And make sure that the power cord is effectively fixed and connected to a socket with a grounding function, so as to avoid tripping or damaging pellet bbq grills during grilling.

    6. After each happy barbecue party, you need to wait for the grill to cool down completely before cleaning. Must be cleaned, and in the cleaning process may need to use a wire brush to clean the grill, so as to prevent the residue from being burnt the next time it is used, and it will also contaminate the fresh food. Therefore, before each barbecue, be sure to replace the new oil-receiving tin foil box, because during the barbecue, the food will produce a large amount of fat (such as bacon or pork shoulder) under high temperature, which will collect and flow into In the tin foil box, the grease is very likely to burn in the high temperature oven cavity!

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