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Prohibitions for smoke-free outdoor outdoor bbq grill

Prohibitions for smoke-free outdoor outdoor bbq grill

Prohibitions for smoke-free outdoor outdoor bbq grill

Smoke-free outdoor bbq grill is becoming more and more familiar in people's lives, because it has no oily smoke, delicious taste, and is well known by people, so do you know what it is forbidden or not to be used?

 1. It is forbidden to use painted or carved bamboo chopsticks. The paint on the chopsticks contains chemicals such as lead and benzene, which are harmful to health. The carved bamboo chopsticks look beautiful, but they tend to hide dirt, breed bacteria, and are not easy to clean.

  2. Don't use all kinds of colorful porcelain as condiments. The condiments should be contained in glassware. Colored porcelain contains lead, benzene and other pathogenic and carcinogenic substances. With the aging and decay of colorful porcelain, the radon in the pattern paint pollutes the food and is harmful to the human body.

   3. It is not necessary to boil mung beans in an iron pot. Because mung bean contains elemental tannins, it will turn into black tannin iron under high temperature conditions, which will make the mung bean soup black and have a special smell, which not only affects the appetite and taste, but is also harmful to the human body.

  4, stainless steel or iron pot boil Chinese medicine is not acceptable. Because traditional Chinese medicine contains a variety of alkaloids and various biochemical substances, under heating conditions, it will have a variety of chemical reactions with stainless steel or iron, which will make the medicine ineffective and even produce certain toxicity.

   5. Avoid using ebony wood or peculiar wood for cutting boards. Ebony wood contains peculiar smell and toxic substances. Using it as a cutting board not only pollutes dishes, but also easily causes vomiting, dizziness, and abdominal pain. Therefore, the first choice woods for folk chopping boards are ginkgo, saponaria, birch and willow.

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