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How to remove oil stains on smokeless outdoor bbq grill

How to remove oil stains on smokeless outdoor bbq grill

How to remove oil stains on smokeless outdoor bbq grill

     When using a smokeless outdoor bbq grill, the oil on the meat will drop to the outdoor bbq grill, and it will be completely solidified on the outdoor bbq grill after use. It is very difficult to clean, so how to quickly remove the smokeless outdoor bbq As for the oil stains on the grill, let’s take a look with the editor of outdoor bbq grill.

      What needs to be done is to dry the smokeless outdoor bbq grill with a clean dry cloth, which is very beneficial to the maintenance of the appearance, and it is also important to pay attention to waiting for the smokeless outdoor bbq grill to naturally go out, outdoor bbq grill After the temperature drops to room temperature, remove the charcoal dust. Although the outdoor bbq grill is delicious, it produces oily smoke which is offensive. With a smoke-free outdoor bbq grill, it can be eaten without smoke for individuals. For some businesses, the smoke will not disgust customers or people around. So why put absorbent paper on the outdoor bbq grill?

1. Avoid direct contact between the barbecue and the open flame to prevent sticking to the pan during barbecue.

2. Oil-absorbing paper has the characteristics of non-stick, oil-proof, waterproof, and high heat resistance, suitable for baking, grilling, steaming and freezing food. Prevent the occurrence of excessive oil content or burning of food.

3. It is helpful to clean the smokeless oven, because part of the oil is not easy to clean. It can also reduce oil clogging.

4. It can reduce the production of oil fume.

   When buying a smoke-free outdoor bbq grill, in addition to some necessary accessories, it is also equipped with some oil-absorbing paper. The grill itself also has a lot of oil. With oil-absorbing paper, the outdoor bbq grill can be cleaned more hygienic and faster. Wipe, the grilling basin and grilling net can be cleaned with water and a cleaning brush. The main purpose is to clean up the oil stains on it in time. Also note that to prevent the grilling net from rusting, it can be coated with a good layer. Edible oil, so that it can prevent the occurrence of rust stains.

      The rust is easy to handle, and the oil stains are not so easy to clean, especially after the oil is burned and carbonized, it is harder to use ordinary detergent or cleaning agent. The simple way is to use fire. You can use the flame of a smokeless outdoor bbq grill or a smokeless charcoal fire with kebabs outdoors. At the beginning, the oil will smoke when it burns. Just wait until it stops. Then brush it with a wire brush to clean up the rust and charred and carbonized oil. If you can get some dilute hydrochloric acid for industrial use, brush the iron net with a brush dipped in hydrochloric acid, and then wash it with water to reveal the original color of the iron. Pay attention to the burning temperature. If the fire is too large, the iron net will be burnt. If the fire is too small, the oil will not be burnt, and the brush will not be clean.

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