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A Review of Fire Drills for the First Half of 2022

A Review of Fire Drills for the First Half of 2022

A Review of Fire Drills for the First Half of 2022

At 4 PM on April 1, 2022, the sound of an alarm kicked off the first half of the 2022 fire drill of KEYO Group.

As soon as the staff of each department heard the alarm sound, they gathered quickly to the safety area of the company under the leadership of the department head. At this time, the weather became cold and drizzling but still did not reduce the enthusiasm of all the department KEYO personnel to do a good job in the fire drill exercise. After arriving at the safety area, the team was sorted out and the number of people counted, the fire drill officially began.

The fire drill was conducted by the instructors of the LISHUI Fire Brigade and demonstrate how to use the fire extinguisher, followed by on-site practice. The staff was extremely active and practiced on the spot under the guidance of the instructor. The instructors of the LISHUI fire brigade seriously demonstrated how to connect the fire hose, how to operate the fire hydrant switch and the flak cannon, etc.

After completing the fire drill, the chief commander of the fire drill, Mr. Huang Kaiyan, deputy general manager of KEYO, made a summary of the drill.  In his summary of more than 20 minutes, Mr. Huang recounted the importance of safety, the requirements of enterprises for employees on safety, and focused on the three knowledge and three understanding about safety, so that employees can benefit for life. The fire drill ended with a round of applause.

Safety is above everything. We hope that the fire drill will enhance the safety knowledge of all staff.

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