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7 Steps to Clean Your Charcoal Grill

7 Steps to Clean Your Charcoal Grill

7 Steps to Clean Your Charcoal Grill

No matter what type of bbq grill, an unclean grill not only makes your grilling inefficient but also ruins the flavor of your food, which in turn ruins your hard work and ruins your grilling experience.

While there are many who claim that grease is a flavor, it is very important and essential to keep your bbq charcoal grill fairly clean.

Grilling brings wonderful flavors to every season, and with the holidays approaching, fun grill days are just around the corner. To keep your charcoal bbq grill in working order, try following these steps to clean your charcoal bbq grill to ensure it is in perfect working condition to kick off your grilling feast.
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The Tools You Need to Clean Your Charcoal Grill

Choosing the right cleaning equipment is critical to properly cleaning your charcoal grill and extending the life of your grill. When you decide to clean your charcoal grill, you will need to have the following tools on hand.

  ●  Newspaper, old dust cloth, or other
  ●  Long-sleeved rubber gloves
  ●  Grill scraper
  ●  Warm soapy water or special grill cleaner
  ●  Sponge or nylon brush
  ●  Vegetable oil
  ●  Rags


Cleaning Steps

Step 1: Choose the Right Place

There is no doubt that when you start to remove the grease from the grill and rinse it off, the black greasy liquid will fall on the floor. So when you start cleaning, choose a suitable place where you can also place newspaper or discarded rags on the floor.


Step 2: Remove Grease and Smoke Deposits

Heating your large charcoal grill will make the cleaning process easier! Next, use the scraper side of the grill brush to remove deposits, then use the brush side to thoroughly clean between the grill surface and the grill grates.
(You can wipe down with paper towels or a mild soap and water solution after each grilling session to prevent future buildup.)


Step 3: Empty the Ashes

If there is an ash collector, empty it. If not, you will need to use a brush to sweep up all the small pieces and ashes that have collected at the bottom of the grill.


Step 4: Scrub the Surface of the Grill

First, use a scraper to scrape off any grease and carbon that has adhered to the surface. When your charcoal grill is cool to the touch, scrub it with a mild detergent.


Step 5: Clean the Bottom

You can dip a rag towel into a soapy water solution and use it to clean the rest of the grill. Just as you would clean the sides and lid, simply wash the bottom with a rag and warm soapy water.


Step 6: Organize Your Grill

Take a picture before cleaning so you know how to put it back together after taking it apart. After completing the above steps, you need to tidy up your grill back to its original shape. Then turn on the grill to burn off any chemical residue.


Step 7: Apply Vegetable Oil

Use long-handled tongs to apply vegetable oil to the cooking grates with a rag or a folded paper towel. Applying vegetable oil helps prevent the grill grate from rusting and plays a role in maintenance.


Cleaning Tips:

  ●  Read the instructions before cleaning, there may be taboo points.
  ●  Avoid using toxic materials to clean your charcoal grill and protect yourself while protecting it.
  ●  Avoid using wire brushes, which will scrape off the grill's surface coating.
  ●  Dry the water in time after cleaning to avoid rusting.
  ●  Wear insulated gloves if necessary to avoid burns.
  ●  To keep your charcoal grill in top condition, remember to clean and maintain it regularly.



Now we want you to have a general idea of how to effectively clean your charcoal grill.

The joy that comes from grilling is undeniable to us. Charcoal grill, gas grill, electric grill, and wood pellet grill all have their advantages and we would be happy to discuss the different types of grills with you.

As you struggle with which type of grill to choose to start a barbecue feast, contact KEYO and we are sure we will have choices that will satisfy you.

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