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Foreign trade sales

College degree or above, as long as the following conditions:           

1. College English four, with listening and speaking ability and proficiency in reading and writing.         

2. Familiar with computer and network operation, skilled use of Word\ Excel, outlook and other commonly used software. 

Job requirements: 

1). Using the B2B platform to develop new customers, and understand the maintenance and operation of the B2B platform.            

2). Reply mail or guest enquiries should be timely, accurate.            

3). Adhere to the rules and regulations of the company, especially payment treaty.           

4). Orders timely recovery of full close tracking and payment.            

5). Pay close attention to customer complaints and timely report to the higher common solutions.            

6). B2B platform product updates and maintenance.            

7). Mail reply, quotation must be accurate, delivery to keep as shown in PI. 


Post responsibility:           

1. Under the leadership and supervision of the superior, regularly complete quantitative work requirements, and can handle and solve the 

    responsible task independently;           

2. According to the company's trade business processes and management system to implement and follow up supervision of trade business;            

3. Assist in the implementation of the company's business objectives and work plans;            

4. Complete the other transactional work given by the superior.


1. College degree or above, major in international trade, business English is preferred;            

2. More than 1 years work experience in foreign trade related field;            

3. Understand the import and export business process, familiar with foreign trade import and export business links;            

4. Good English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, skilled use of office software;           

5. Have good communication, coordination and executive ability, work earnestly and seriously, quick and sharp response, strong sense of 


Operation Assistant 

Job responsibilities:            

1. Responsible for the promotion, improve the rate and browse shop shop shop, reach the sales target, maintain the normal operation of shop;            

2. Planning the store promotion plan;            

3. To regular promotion effect tracking, evaluation, statistics and submit the promotion effect analysis report, provide marketing improvement 

     measures, given that practical changed into scheme;            

4. Responsible for the shop daily promotion project, the shop and the title keyword strategy community forums, search engine marketing, 

     train, Taobao passenger drill exhibition, gang, and cooperate with the shop's own all kinds of marketing;            

5. Complete other tasks assigned by department leader.


1. 1-2 shop operation experience is preferred;            

2. Familiar with the Alibaba of advertising resources, application of marketing tools;            

3. Proficient in online shopping promotion process, has the good ability of planning and organizing the product promotion;            

4. Skilled business knowledge and other related knowledge, strong analytical decision-making ability, and can correctly judge the treatment. 

Graphic Artist Designer


1. Have good art foundation and aesthetic ability, better creativity;           

2. Skilled use of CAD, 3Dmax, MAYA, AE, Photoshop, AI, of Premiere software;            

3. Hobby design industry, professional loyalty, innovative ability;            

4. Have the ability to communicate with customers and the ability to interpret drawings;            

5. Diligent, assiduous, hard-working, have strong knowledge of the spirit of progress;            

6. Strong learning ability, proactive, meticulous and rational, with strong logical thinking ability and executive ability;            

7. Strong sense of teamwork, love and dedication, initiative, responsibility and team spirit and innovative spirit. 

Welfare treatment: basic salary + commission + performance            

5 days a week, lunch holidays in accordance with state regulations. 


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